Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Week, New Day, New Issues, New...LOGO!

The cheery new logo for the C.O.P.D. Foundation.

What, no happy face?

Kind of ironic they use a pinwheel, in that it's most likely it's the last thing someone like myself would be playing with.

You know...ability to blow air and all....

UPDATE: 01/07/13 12:00 P.M. C.S.T. : WOW...the lingering after effects of going off the Prednisone are kicking my ass! The biggest being fatigue. I can hardly keep awake and also feel feverish. It's not nearly as bad as what the steroid stopped for killing me, but ..MAN...I've never been this tired! And the cold air outside feels about 10° lower. (P.S. I have "the chills"!)

This Sunday evening finds me in a dour mood. However, this coming week brings with it:

My first job interview ins a LONG time!

My first visit to my Pulmonary guy. Fortunately it's in a Neurology Diagnostic Center because I have had a growing numbness in my left pinky and ring finger, making them all but useless in many ways. A increasing weakness my left arm as well. In researching the symptoms on the net, it could be:

A: Cardiac Related
B: Carpel Tunnel
C: Stroke

And last but not least, my newest Lab Rat experience at the  "Habitrail Investigative Medical Trial Clinic" begins. This should be interesting....

As for this evening....

My second day of Prednisone withdrawal. I have never had withdrawal issues before....this is all new. It's to be expected, as per info on this steroid. It can last anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks....depends in the individual and dosage. I am guessing I will be dealing with this for at least a week.

Already a day behind in this weeks rent. I tried getting the amount for a week together, saves me $70.00..but to no avail. Please understand, I a VERY GRATEFUL for the help that came yesterday. I am just facing the same thing again, now. The phone in the room has begun ringing already with the front office asking for tribute.


In researching the elements and comeuppances of this malady, a couple of things come to mind.

At some point I will get a Blue Tag that gives me access to the REALLY good parking spots at WalMart during the Holidays.

That's ok. However.....

Should I need  be in one of those "Little Rascals" from The Scooter Store to get around, take my word on the following....

I will NOT be like those guys in the commercials for these "Chariots of Retire", wearing a dumb hat and vest, covered with pointless buttons and ribbons....looking all Four Wheeled Frisky driving in circles at The Active Community Home, or off to Scenic Destinations, visiting places I should have gone to when I was fully mobile.

Lemme tell you...if I am at The Grand Canyon taking in it's awesome vista, driving one of these...guess what goes over the cliff....and I am not talking a Fiscal one!

But....tomorrow it's back to the grind.....trying to keep my head covered and ass safe.

Until next time......

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