Friday, May 25, 2012

Date Set.....

Please See PayPal Link Below

That's the day I arrive in Mississippi!

(Be honest.....when you see that state's name, it takes you back to elementary school!)

The gig actually begins on June 3rd. I'll be overseeing dogs, a house, and internet concerns. The person I will be working for has to be in America's Hat (Canada) for a project that will run a week or more.

Mixed emotions.....

It's that "Fish Or Cut Bait" feeling.
It's that "What Am I Getting Myself Into" feeling.
It's that "I'm Leaving What's Safe And Probably Gonna Die" feeling.

I'll be honest. Some days I REALLY miss Camp Scooter SouthEast: Afscootistan. Overall I was comfortable, had consistency, and a support "Fail Safe" network close at hand. If I wanted to be alone, easily done. If I was feeling sociable....99% of the Home Of Falling Prices and McDonald's Associates like me and enjoyed conversing.

I am a GREAT talker!

The "reliability" of The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders is questionable. The electronics are still acting up and I have yet to fix or replace the bad hose, thermostat, and variety of substances in the radiator. It does tend to go through fluids (oil, trans, etc.) kinda quick.

On the plus side, it has a full tune up, 4 BRAND NEW tires, and the engine runs strong.

My concerns are pretty much gas and other such resources. This is the FIRST gig I have been able to land in over two and a half years. And it's not like it's the next town over I need to get to. It becomes all about the greenbacks.

I know others in my situation use things like PayPal, but I don't have a bank account for funds to be sent to. PayPal charges something like $11.00 PER transaction to send a check, which really cuts into things. Thus, I have not used them to solicit donations. I've been looking for day gigs locally, but have yet to find anything that I am able to perform.

At the bottom of this page, I have placed a PayPal Donation button, should you like to contribute. The friend I am staying with has offered to allow me to transfer from my PayPal to her bank, and cash out the funds to me.


Not looking to make this an ongoing thing. It's quite temporary. My goal is to work, not fund raise. I simply have to be able to get to the gig.

I am excited, and apprehensive. Reinvigorated, but holding full blown enthusiasm at bay.

A real mixed bag of things.

We'll know soon, won't we.

Until next time........

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