Thursday, June 7, 2012

False Start.....


The planets were not aligned for me to leave on the 1st. On my end, resources and mechanical. On the other end a slight scheduling change. Thus, new date...hopefully carved in June 11th. It has a couple of advantages....

A. My friend who's back got injured keeps me around for a few more days to help things out.

B. I replaced the leaky radiator hose myself! The patch didn't work, so I had to go buy one and get installed.

C. Attend the wedding, Saturday,  of my best friend "The Bronx Italian's" daughter who I've known since she was 2 years old. Like a daughter to me, truth be told.

D. Added time to get some additional resources to pay for the gas down to the gig.

And, as you all know, in July I'll be attending the "Restoring Love" event in Dallas, Texas.

The thing is SOLD OUT and I am fortunate enough to be attending and volunteering.

In a prelude leading up to that, Mercury One has started a National Food Drive, targeting 11 cities and towns as beneficiaries of said effort. In less than one full day since the announcement, over Half A MILLION meals have been donated, filling 11 full sized tractor trailers!!!

That is damn significant!!!

Look...I am homeless, but quite blessed. I had the comforts of The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders to sleep and eat in. I had the safety of Camp Scooter:SouthEast, Afscootistan to reside in, with a generator and a Walmart steps away. Food was never an issue!

Many homeless people and families are not as lucky. Some have spent the winters on park benches or over sewer grates for heat. O'Bama increasing the Food Stamp rolls by 44% and giving to folks who really have no way to prepare food is nice, but not completely helpful.

Add to that the cities and towns that make feeding the homeless and less fortunate a major challenge with regulations that make no real sense, you have a gap in care.

SIDETRACK: Nanny Mayor Mikey Bloomberg issued a decree that no city homeless shelter can accept foods that are a tad "fatty" or salt laden. TONS of food...gone to waste. Then complaints arise that the money isn't there to serve meals that pass the Michelle O'Bama Arugula Seal of Approval.

Makes no sense, does it?

During The Great Depression, houses of Worship, private citizens, and philanthropists donate time, money, and resources to feed the lost and broken. Back then, the government didn't put a myriad of obstacles in the way of reaching out and providing. Granted, some towns create a problem for serving, so they can shoo away those in need. That's a separate issue.

What Mercury One is trying to achieve is get the meals in the belly's of those who need it. Safe food, warm food, tasty food....with maybe a bit of sugar and salt, too!

By clicking HERE you can learn more about this effort, and get involved.

As for your humble narrator, I'll be doing what I can for my friend and my excursion. As always, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I seek my way on to a new life.

Until next time.....

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