Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frustrated..No Wait..Make that....


The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders' trans is acting up, steering feels loose, and brakes uneven.

That's just the beginning ....

The faithful readers here are aware of my bout with diverticulitis  2 years ago. Well....this morning I found myself passing some blood. Never a good sign. The last couple of days I have had some significant bouts of pain, I attributed to my erratic eating habits.

SIDETRACK: When I get stressed or feel sullen, I simply can't eat. And if I do, I pay dearly for it afterwards. In the last few weeks I have had multiple days where I ate nothing. Currently my weight is around 130. Thus, I attributed the aforementioned
pain to an increase in consumption.

Add to that scant resources to heading out...


This weekend is make or break. I'll be leaving where I am staying Saturday morning, and then...who knows. The cash I receive isn't enough to get me to Mississippi, and winds up going to day to day stuff. I am not wasting it, not at all. But all things automotive take it's toll.

Long story short.....

Things, aside from physical, are status quot. I'll be reaching out to the guy offering the gig to see if it's still alive, and I am hell bent on getting to Texas in July. But for right now, just trying to get to tomorrow so I can move away from today.

Please keep good thoughts....


  1. It is really nice that you want to go to Dallas, we all would. Most of us work and try to do things. You want to do things by getting handouts. You call it fund raising. I suggest you get a job, even if it is part time and try to fend for yourself.

    Writing all your problems about the van and you bad luck is you way of getting handouts. (everyone feel sorry for me) Life is very hard right now for everyone and making ends meet is tough. Anyone with the talents you have could fine a great job in any field. I wish I had your skills.

    Try finding something P/T, Good Luck

  2. I posted the above comment because it's basically fair, despite some errors and misspellings.

    My post here was as much to let people who follow me know I was still in N.J., and why. Also, I think the commenter missed the fact I am headed to a job in Mississippi. Dallas is for an event in July, the gig is now and waiting. I have looked for something part time and peruse Craig's List hourly looking for day work.

    I don't want people to feel sorry for me, at all. To the contrary I have written many times how fortunate and blessed I feel, given my circumstance and the relative comfort and safety I lived in. I ask people to keep good thoughts and prayers for me, but never ask for a "Boo Hoo" on my behalf.

    Anyhow....I appreciate their taking the time to read and opine...even if not thoroughly versed in the facts.