Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moving Forward

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INSTANT SIDETRACK: Facial hair gets vanquished at the first place I can pull over, once I cross the state line.
New look, new future!

Step 1 was getting out of Camp Scooter:SouthEast and on to the future. Creating a plan for getting my life and future back, as well as, finding "home".

Here's the deal.....

As you know, I plan on being in Dallas, Texas this coming July for Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love" event. Before, and perhaps after that, my goal is to finding gainful, per diem employ around the country. Earning my way there and hopefully finding the place to deposit myself for the balance of my days.

Frankly, this new phase offers the most hopeful and energizing possibilities than I dared have faith in for in a very long while. My steady followers can attest to that. It's been quite some time since I have been this anxious and positive.

At the same, my sense of vulnerability has certainly been heightened.

Que Sera', Sera'

So, your humble narrator has some things needed that you all can help with.

First and foremost, PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Via your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. Link to this blog...especially the entries immediately preceding this post, sending to as many folks here as you can. Strength in numbers, and all that.

Use This LINK!

As I accumulate the practical, tangible stuff, I will edit this post to note what needs have been filled with an "OK". As will become readily apparent as time goes on, other needed items will be evolving and ongoing.

Got it? Ok, here goes:

I need to spread the word far and wide to help me find the kind of day jobs that best exhibit the independent, entrepreneurial spirit this nation was built on. Not to say that any honest day's work is less important to me as I head out. I hope to create regular video postings highlighting the labors I am doing with the innovators and great "dreamers" that move America forward.

And this gives me the opportunity to EARN my way not only to Restoring Love, but my future as well.

I have set up a specific email address for this venture. It is:

Road2RL@Gmail.com (RL =Restoring Love)

SIDETRACK: On the big picture windows of the van, I wrote "Dallas or Bust Restoring Love" On the internet/site adverts for the event, it all looks powerful. However, when on the van it's like there should be pictures of Unicorns, Rainbows, and little girl wearing a tiara made of daisies. I am thinking of ways to "Man Up" the space.

Speaking of said chariot.....

Here are some of the aforementioned "practical" items I either need or would greatly want. A hand up, not a hand out:

The Vehicle Is A 1990 Chevy Van 20 5.7L Engine

***DONE*** 3 or 4 225/75 R-15 Tires. Used are fine. The ones I have now are showing the steel belt, and I have no spare. Less than safe. ***DONE***

***DONE*** 2 Rear Doors With Windows. If I have no windows, I have to change status to a commercial vehicle. ***DONE***

Trailer Hitch. The one I have is thoroughly rusted and has to be removed for the safety of folks driving behind me.

***DONE*** Elements for a tune up. Hoses for the vacuum system. (NOT for a "cleaner", but the system that controls stuff in the vehicle.)Although this isn't crucial, it would save on expenses and allow for heat/AC to work. ***DONE***

As always, prayers, good thoughts, and a face to face hello should you happen upon me is ALWAYS welcome. Target date for departure is approximately March 30 or prior.

Here we go......

Until next time....


  1. Sorry I can't help with the things you need. But wish you great success in restoring and renewing your life! I went to the Glenn Beck Restoring America Rally.Really helped me in my own life. Still having a hard time but renewed my faith. May God Bless You!

  2. good luck scooter......keep in touch! H