Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not Much To Tell Really....

..but figured I should stop and pop my head in here.

BACKSTORY: I am at a dear friends house who did some serious damage to her back and neck in a fall. She works out of her home and there is a significant amount of weighty objects that need be moved in the course of her business. I offered to stay here and help her in any way I can. A big bonus for me is, I get to cook all her meals! The neck soreness/stiffness has subsided a great deal and her tail bone region seemed on the mend. Until Monday, the day after .....

Where she lives is The Jerzey Shore region. Although I am more a fan of lakes than oceans, I do enjoy the little trips here and there are various scenic/historic sites.

Saturday, she took me to a park called "Mount Mitchell Scenic Overlook" where there is a memorial to the victims of 911 that were from Monmouth County. Added significance to this spot is the view of Manhattan that is spectacular! It also gave many a front row seat to the horror of that day.

As you approach the Memorial, there are plaques creating a timeline of events from that morning. The center piece is a giant Eagle clutching a  chunk of steel beam from Ground Zero in it's talons.

It has an impact.

The next day, that was also quite beautiful, she wanted to head over to Sandy Hook, near Fort Monmouth. It seemed walking on grass or pavement was fine, but once we hit sand it was a different story. For myself, having lived in "The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders at Camp Scooter: Southeast, Afscootistan" and not exercising as much as I should, I felt the extra effort my legs needed to rise to in order for a gate that was a little less than dorky.

For messed up her back again.

She worked as much as she could on Monday, but that was taking it's toll. My memory kicked in, and I recalled that my father had a troublesome back, for which he would bathe regularly using Epsom Salts. I figured that would help her to some degree, purchased said crystals, setting a rendezvous for her with the tub.

Perfect temperature, calming surroundings......sounds nice, no?

Was great until she started to empty the tub!

While sitting in the living room, I hear this frantic, loud banging on the front door. I got downstairs to answer it, and it's the family who lives in the lower half of the house asking if she was alright.

I said sure, why?

Seems the water was not finding it's way to the sewer, but rather, across the ceiling downstairs to a light fixture, and on to the forehead of a family member trying to sleep.

So much for the bucolic feeling resonating to all parts of her body subsequent to the calm of the bath. Lot's of fretting, damage control downstairs...and phone calls back and forth.

The relief and healing from that immersion was short lived. summary.....

I still have to fix the radiator hose that sprung a leak and get it to a shop so it can be replaced and the rad drained.

I still have to let the electronics of the alarm system dry out more so it stops messing with the systems and my head. If that doesn't work, I have to rewire a WHOLE LOTTA stuff!

I am still here helping her as much as I can.

Target to head south is around Memorial Day.

We'll see how that works out. ya'll are up to speed.

Until Next Time....

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