Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thus, It Begins.....

UPDATE REDUX: Due to weather, resources, and circumstance departure is delayed until May  24th or 25th. Will post new entry soon.

UPDATE: Date to depart is now set for May 22nd. I can't wait to leave this hell behind!

Got my first gig on The Afscootistan Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders "Moving Ahead: Work Across America" tour!!! I'll be leaving towards the end of the month. More on that in a moment....

A different tour I took recently was through the IKEA Furniture "Do It Yourself" maze.

Was taken to said establishment and soon found myself in a "one-way-out-and-through" labyrinth with no ready escape. If you've never been there, here's the deal...

Once in the store, your last chance at safe egress are the front doors. Now, I didn't see anyone go in and try immediately to get out, but I am sure they would have been Tasered if they tried. Once in and looking about, you realize there is one one way out...and that's through. You are walled off from any direct route, so as to be forced to endure the "experience" that is IKEA. I sought an exit, a direct line to stairs and other such means of fleeing...but to no avail.

I was trapped!
I was tired!
I was IKEA'd!

I wasn't really impressed by a lot I saw there, and certainly had moments. for a couple of reasons, where melancholy would set in. On occasion I would see a room set-up or item that would invoke memories of my losses. But, I am a big boy. I get past the feeling and venture forth to find the gateway OUT!

SIDETRACK: One odd thing...I saw people buying food from the in house restaurant for take out. I mean, c'mon! The food there is THAT good? I should have thought to follow the ones leaving just to see if they have an escape route to get the food to their cars before it got cold or moldy.

Ok..back to moving ahead.....

SIDETRACKREDUX: Slight heading alteration. Don't want my "Moving Forward" to be in any way similar to Barry O'Bama's campaign slogan. Thus, "Forward" becomes "Ahead".

Now, back to the rest of the story.....
The place I am heading to is in Mississippi, which works out well, given my original goal of visiting and exploring that state and Alabama. That was thwarted by my successful heart attack back in October of 2009.

The company is an internet concern that is is involved in divergent elements of the medium. Be it web design, streaming networks, complete I.T. systems for anything from a small business to a major stadium...this guy does it!

I will be learning to help maintain and design websites for him, and get into the Video Streaming aspect of things from the bones of a system on up.

My kinda gig!!! Ever since I was a wee one, I loved all things video/film, tech, and electronic. Once there and after a bit of time, I'll post some video and show ya'll what I am doing.

BONUSES: 10 hours away from Dallas and the site of Glenn's "Restoring Love" event. The house I'll be at has a lake for the back yard and the Gulf two blocks away.

I expect to be headed down there within a week and a half or so. One drawback is I will miss the wedding of my former neighbor's daughter, which is set for June 9th. I've known this wonderful girl since she was three years old. (Frankly, I have nothing to wear to it and little if anything to offer as a gift.)

So, I have some time to further work on my gas powered chariot and organize the living area with my new floor plan. Right now, there is no way to get towards the back. Stuff is everywhere and piled high!  I am still looking for: Got'em!!

a few used tires (235, 225 or 215/75 R15) and

a trailer hitch. Also, please continue to spread my first post looking for opportunities as seen HERE and help send out the word. Any extra ideas, kindly feel free to pass them along.

Thus, it will begin. Leaving New Jersey, and hopefully some of the good memories gone bad will start to dissipate along the highway into dust.

I doubt that second part, though. 


It begins. I will either thrive or die....sink or middle ground just treading water.

We'll see how it goes.

Until next time...


  1. You will be in my prayers always

  2. Keep your head up! christine

  3. Be safe driving! Glenn Beck...I love him LOL:)