Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why, In Many Ways, I Am O.K. With Being Mobile.

2009...it was either you or me....

Worst year of my life...EVER! It was either the year would die by December 31st or I would put a bullet in my head. It started out really, really promising.

Reinvigorated relationship...promising new business venture....winning the lottery..

It all died February 16th. I probably should have died on the 17th. That’ll teach me to be hopeful and optimistic!

But here I am typing...despite the faux and semi-successful heart attacks.

Ok...let me says this straight away...

I am not a conspiracy minded kind of guy. I have never seen Black Helicopters...

Wait...that’s not true. Once I saw three but it was for a movie being shot near here. At least that’s what I was told by the guys in the black suits.

I don’t lunch with Elvis nor do I go fishing with Bigfoot.

Those things being said....I’ll proceed.

First, two pieces of very recent history.

During the recent Presidential Campaign, Barack Obama said this:

3 important words: National Security Force!

A few months ago Iran held national elections that many felt were corrupt and the results all but fraud. Many Iranians took to the streets and protested in the strongest fashion the outcome of the voting. We witnessed via phonecam video on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook the violence that beset those protesting in the streets of Tehran. One bit of footage caught the shooting death of a promising, young Iranian girl named Neda Agha Soltan, making her the face of this revolt. I won’t embed the video but you can find it by doing a search on her name.

The main pro-government forces confronting the protesters was a civilian, government sponsored and paid militia. The Basij-e Mostaz'afin Militia.
A national civilian security force!

Keep all of this in the back of your head as you read further along.

While Bush was still President, there was a congressional effort to create, in essence a amnesty for illegal immigrants currently in the country. What was unique about this was the level of bi-partisan support...the likes of Harry Reid arm in arm with John McCain....etc. There was a groundswell of grass roots opposition fueled by the internet and talk radio, that created a tsunami of phone calls, emails, faxes, etc. to Washington.

Members of Congress who feared for their seats in the House and Senate backed away in sizable numbers from supporting any legislation of this type.

No in the street protests...no in your face town hall meetings...just voices and letters...and call ins to talk radio. That made support for this legislation vaporize.

This is all important...hold this in the middle of your head!


I used to joke that on New Years Eve that year, I would have my generator running, and watch the food riots in high definition.

Never happened. But via my 11' satellite dish, I was able to watch Celine Dion do two concerts in two time zones in Canada.

I have been known to ponder out loud about some disasters coming our way. Some I nailed...some I was WAY off base...some I was in the ballpark.

When 911 happened, I wasn’t surprised at all. Shocked, saddened, outraged...but not surprised.

After the following is posted, some who know will say there he goes again.

Others may say...you know, he’s got something there.

When I detailed to JFK via phone in his hidden hospital room what I am about to state here, he fell into the latter camp. I tried telling Elvis first, but all I got was his voice mail. (Hey..I said I don’t do lunch with him...never said we don’t talk from time to time. )

Say what you will, this past year has seen a lot of passion coming from the masses. Health Care Reform and Cap And Trade, as well as colossal spending on the part of the Obama Administration has motivated millions to get involved in the process.

Raucous Town Hall Meetings....millions marching in the streets around the nation and in D.C. From the Tea Parties to rallies in the nations capitol, this has been an “in your politician’s face” kinda phenomenon. That the majority of the nation opposes the policies of this administration as well as the progressive’s legislative agendas should be of such a concern to office holders, that many would bend to the will of the people. Makes sense, no?

Remember, the amnesty for illegals support folded just via phone calls, faxes, and emails. This time the citizenry is front and center in person. Switchboards overloaded...computer servers crashing...and D.C. being shut down by mass protests.

Part Two Coming Soon, but first, follow this link!

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