Sunday, January 3, 2010

What I Am Watching Now


SIDETRACK A: In spite of what anyone might think, I am not suicidal. And from a few emails sent my way, some got that impression. Thing is, New Years Eve to moi is basically a couples, adult thing. Thanksgiving and Christmas are from people you don't remember. Thus that evening after blowing off, and been blown off, the holidays, I was in a morbidly whimsical mood.

The music I chose was selected because of it's feel and history which is pretty interesting. I would embed the clip that explains it, but the copyright holder doesn't wanna let me do that!


So here is the link. Watch this, and then come back: (Hint: Right Click This And Open In A New Tab)


First time I ever heard a C.S.I. type of analysis for a song. The way this guy describes it, the melody offers the listener no way out. Even when you listen to the original lyric, and don't understand it, the point gets through. I was feeling morose...this song defines morose.

See...even lanky Hungarian movie stars end it all for this ditty! Sarah's version didn't fully realize the descending bass line, thus I present it here. Wrists, throat, and brains intact.

SIDETRACK B: Before anyone gets all crabby....

I get internet via WiFi and for now I find it free or pay 9 bucks a month for access where Ronald McDonald hawks food that will be taxed to death under Health Care well as other hot spots. This is where I will get HuLu sometimes. I would tell you the service, but since they don't give me dime 1 of commission nor have an affliate program...screw'em!

Ok...the shows I am watching this year.

BTW: Who decided "Fall Finales" were a good idea? I know the Holiday Season is The Dead Zone for ratings, but just run your re-reruns and start new the 2nd week of January.

Did I mention I am freezing in the conversion van this evening? Know why the east coast is an ArcticPalooza? Because my life is hell and it's freezing over.

But I digress.


White Collar

Neat little who dunnit, with a twist. There was a series in the 70's with Eddie Albert and Robert Wagner called "Switch". that this series hearkens back to.

(Anyone know how to make links here automatically open a new tab????)

This is a fun show...always a twist!


This is an "X-Files" for the new decade. Just make sure you watch from the VERY first episode. The most recent chapter tied together a lot of stuff and it all makes more sense now. From the same guy who gave you this past summer's "Star Trek".

The premise is, the whole world but for a select few, pass out for a while, and when they come to they realize the have seen the future. It sounds simple...and it is...but then it gets complex...and then simple again. Worth looking into.


First half hour sitcom since "My Name Is Earl" I follow on a weekly basis. It is really well written and funny as hell. For the first time since "Foul Play" that Chevy Chase has been funny. VERY much worth a watch.


Remake of a 70's mini series and TONS better. If you follow the news like I do, you will see many parallels to the Obama Administration. I regret the series had it's "Fall Finale" when it did because there has been some blow back from others who see the same thing in this as I do. Giving the producers as well as ABC to "alter" the story away from comparisons. Probably gonna make it suck from here on out. But so far...I enjoyed it!


This show is Ally MacBeal meets My Name Is Earl meets Fame. This is probably my favorite new show this year. Quirky characters, bizarre plots, and a lot of fun. I can only imagine the schedule the cast has between rehearsals, recording studio time, and shooting. And it all comes together quite nicely. Highly recommended!

So, there you have it. What does a homeless guy watch while living in a van while hell freezes over with an ample supply of office supplies, subsequent to a semi-successful heart attack.

He watches this stuff.

Can't wait for the new season of "24"!

Next post....why I am glad I am geo-flexible and the coming hell this summer.



  1. I'm lucky to have the time to catch one show a night!! I've got to get some speakers for this computer so I can check out all the links you post...haven't had sound in months!! Take care of yourself and talk to you soon!

  2. To make a link open in a new tab, use this in the a=href tag: target="_blank"