Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mass. Has Class, Kicks Obama In The Ass!! But I really wanna talk about Conan!

SIDETRACK: I am digesting what happened in Mass. And looking at the left nut cases response to it before I finish my treatise in the previous posting.

CONGRATS to the voters of Massachusetts and the rejection of what the progressives have been doing to this great Republic of ours. And to a brilliant campaign run by Senator Scott Brown!

Pelosi and Reid can go jump in a lake, too!

OK, on to Conan.....

We all know he was hosed by NBC. And NBC is being hosed as well, by its own doing. The ultra left news department and progressive messages in prime time programming, and the UBER left MSNBC are killing their bottom line.

Good, I say!

Now here’s another dagger that can be put in Zucker (NBC) and Imelt’s (G.E.:NBC Parent Company) backs.

Conan is being paid some reported 33 odd million dollars to step away from The Tonight Show and leaving it back in Jay Leno’s hands. He was also able to get approximately 12 million in severance for his staff, and will pay them more out of his own pocket.

Parts of that deal are:

A. He can’t badmouth NBC for a period of time.
B. Can’t be back on the air any earlier than September of 2010.
C. Has to recompense NBC for any difference between what they will give him versus whatever a new contract pays that he gets where ever he winds up.

Here’s my idea! Get’s ANY network to snap him and continues the screwing of NBC ad infinitum!

He works for FREE!!! That’s right, F R E E !!!!

Let’s say he goes to big FOX. 11:30 P.M. show. Firstly, would give him a 5 minute jump on the competition.

SIDETRACK: If you don’t think that 5 minutes would make a difference, think again! Ted Turner took his Superstation WTBS schedule and moved everything by 5 minutes. So every show there ended 5 minutes later than any other show on TV, thus holding on to viewers who might have skipped over to Superstation WGN or local reruns. TBS and sister networks are monsters now. So, yeah, 5 works.

Ok, Conan cuts a deal with FOX for whatever number of years NBC would have to keep paying him for. FOX’s out of pocket would then just be production and staff costs. They get a GREAT deal, Conan gets a new show, and NBC gets screwed. Win, win, WIN!

See, living in a conversion van with lots of office supplies following a semi-successful heart attack pondering conspiracy while enjoying WiFi internet can really add up to something, sometimes!

Until Next Time....

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