Saturday, January 9, 2010

Man, do I wish algore was right!!!

A little Climate Change to go, please!
The conversion van is showing her age. I am amazed at all the drafts in here. And of course the circulating air only enhances the fragrance Eu Di Bob.

Last night was a tough one. Not the first tough one, but the first I am writing about. Without a wind outside, the space heater can handle things fairly well. But when it's blowing, the heater gets a run for it's money.

SIDETRACK: This is just to show how my odd mind works, sometimes.

I lost my 1st wife to cancer in 1990. Hard to believe it's been 20 years. Flash forward to 911. I thought about her for some reason, and compared my experience with what I could imagine were those whose loved ones didn't make it out of the Twin Towers. The wife who slept through her husband's leaving for the day, thus missing that last kiss. The husband who parted company with his wife that morning, each of them still angry at one another. Imagine having that kind of dangling conversation.

If there was one advantage to her cancer it was there's very little left unsaid between the two of us. We knew what the result of things would be, and worked in that framework. If nothing else, I had some comfort in that I wouldn't have to deal with things unspoken. I would bet that those left behind on 911 had that same rock to hold on to, as well.

Years later, I had a conversation with a cousin of her's who had just gone through the same thing I did. And he, too, found comfort in that little was left unsaid.

So last night as I am trying to get to sleep, and this morning when I first awoke, doing my best to get something resembling warm, I thought of truly homeless people. (As I have stated, I have a home...the conversion van...just no address.) Those living under bridges, sleeping over sewer grates for the rising steam heat. A family in a tent in some park huddled and shivering together like a 5 Dog Night sharing body warmth.

A senior citizen trembling but awake in the middle of the night. Afraid to sleep because they don't want to freeze to death.

This is how my odd mind works sometimes. I compare my experiences to others in similar circumstance, and then see I don't have it that bad.

Reminds me of how things could be worse.

I don't have it so bad.

Sure I want to find a motor home or trailer to live in. (Trailer would be preferable, 'cause then I could audition for Jerry Springer's show.) But I have electric, a space heater, my faux fridge, and internet. Sometime between the 13th and 27th of this month, I have to be on my way. The folks who have been VERY gracious in allowing me to be parked where I am for the last months, want a new view out their windows.

I can't blame'em!

At that point I'll worry about how it could get worse for yours truly.

So, though I may shiver, frostbite for now is not a concern. I may have to pee in something that contains a product which has a "Sell By Date 12/31", but it's under a roof and not up against a tree.

SIDETRACK REDUX: This is one area I envy Bob The Dog...waste management. The Circle Of Life for food. He just sniffs, lifts a leg, or sniffs then squats, and Viola'...done! He doesn't even care if I am watching. However he still can not write his name in the snow. Not enough pee and too many letters.

Hopefully when I do head out and south, the extreme cold they are experiencing now will have moved on. As I am writing this, they are getting snow and sleet in Florida! We'll see. And of course, I'll post pictures.

I encourage you the next time you put on a sweater so you can keep your heater at 65, or have to shovel your sidewalk, or have to use a flashlight and candles because the power got knocked off. Take a moment, breathe deep, and think how it could be worse. A LOT worse. Then keep a good thought for those less lucky than I.

Turn thoughts into dollars with The Salvation Army.

Until next time...


  1. I love it that you know what a five dog night is, or three, or two, etc. My brother, Jeff Gartman, sent me your link. I love your wit and plays on words. Very clever. Also, Bob, looks just like my dog Flower minus the haunted eyes. Here's hoping the new year will bring new jobs and prosperity.
    Julie Gartman

  2. Thanks for the kind words and good thoughts. I enjoyed being on Jeff's show this morning. Will catch up with him again top of the hour.