Saturday, August 29, 2009


Before you found yourselves "mobile', the weather forecast was important when you had a Yard sale or party coming up...and of course if a snow day was coming.

That's all different for you now.

The elements are in your face at this point, and your health..perhaps even your the issue now. Of course a radio tuned to local stations is an obvious way to stay informed. However, online radar is very helpful as well. A recent experience is what inspired this posting.

Bob The Dog and I were in the van as night approached. The forecast was for a dry evening. But I went on the WCBS-TV website and the radar showed a pretty big storm coming in from the west. I had all the windows and door open, as it had been pretty hot that day, and I wanted the cooler air evening brings for when I would go to sleep.

Well....based on what I saw, I shut everything, enjoyed a couple of adult beverages, and settled into sleep. A couple of hours later, the clouds burst open. BIG ass storm!!! Seeing the radar saved the day.

The CBS affiliate's website all use a standard format for their websites. Thus I find them to be the best for radar I have seen. You can find their member stations at

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