Friday, August 28, 2009

Stay Overnight Where The Powerful Do!!!

That's right...the same place the Clarence Thomas Family stays.

A Wal-Mart Parking Lot!!!

In an article a month or so ago Mrs. Thomas said that she and the Supreme Court Justice bought an R.V. a few years back, and spend the summers driving around. The story is here:

What could be cooler? You can pick up some cheap flip flops, Ol' Roy Doggie Snacks, and complain to a Supreme Court Justice about how the court punted on saving retiree's pension funds when they refused to hear the case against Chrysler Bailout Plan.


Now..if you are rambling about, searching for a new place to live as am I, then what could be a better place to land for a few days. Everything you could possibly need a few steps from your "home". There are a few websites that lists the Wal-Marts and which ones do not allow overnight camping, as well as proper etiquette when enjoying the parking lot.

There are other stores as well that you can stay for free. Some truck stops allow you to as well, offering things such as electricity, showers, and dump stations.

Free camping...a safe and economical way to settle in for a few days and regroup.

Until Next time......

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