Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome To "The Homeless Adviser"

This is my first foray into the blogosphere..via my recent introduction to being homeless. However, to be more accurate, I am "addressless", meaning I currently have a "home" of sorts....a conversion van. So I do have a roof...bed....power...etc. Just nothing the USPS can use to get mail to me.

This is my 2nd stint being a vanabond (Get it, vagabond...vanabond....) Did this once before when I separated from the una-ex...unabomber + ex_from_hell= una-ex. She blew up my life.

Anyhow....I lived in this same van and learned a lot of tricks...methods...savings..etc. that serve me well now. And over the course of time, I'll pass these on to you all.

The face of homelessness has changed recently. No longer just the realm of addicts...mentally ill...and other castaways of the world. Now it's folks who worked and paid their bills and mortgages and rents, It's just that now...they can't.


You brought your laptops with you. And now have started to find the free WiFi spots. At libraries, parking lots of restaurants and motels, etc. You seek employment, information, help...anything you think the Internet can offer you in your current situation. And I hope I can offer you ideas and tips that can help you along until this mess we are in really starts to recover.

As I learn more, you learn more. As I recall more of the things I did the first time vanning it...I will share that with you. And when I shoot some video to illustrate something more fully, I will embed it here. You have something to it to me, I will try it myself, and post if it works and is useful.

I am typing this from the front yard of a friend's home using his electricity and the WiFi of the guy across the street. If I can do this, you will find a way to read it. And if you know someone about to become homeless...lead them to this blog.

In closing for now....look here weekly and see what I post. Email comments to me. And in the words of Sgt. Phil Esterhaus from "Hill Street Blues"...

"..HEY..Let's be careful out there!"

Until next time.....


  1. Stumbled upon your 'ad' on Craigs List in the 'wanted' section so here I am. I will be following your journey with interest and hopes that everything works out for you.

    Very true that the face of homelessness has altered dramatically, and many now face the reality of it through no fault of their own - scary to realise it could happen to any of us in a heartbeat.

    Best wishes.

  2. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. Feel free to pass this link on to all you can.

  3. count on it.

    nice to 'meet' you and I will certainly pass it along.

  4. Hello,

    I've seen your home parked in the lot by Vincenzo's. Lots of times, actually. I've always felt like dropping money in the window or something of that nature, but 1) i'm 17 and don't have much to give; and 2) is that appropriate?
    That's probably a stupid question, but you see, I've never known anyone in your situation.

    Anyway, I really wish you the best and I am going to try and help you. Some way, some how.


  5. Thanks for taking the time to read and coment. And I appreciate your offer to help out.

    Next time you see the van at Vincenzo's (BEST pizza and italian food in Budd Lake 973-691-8282) or at WalMart stop and introduce yourself. As for leaving cash in the van, Bob The Van Eating Dog might decide to digest it!

  6. Haha, okay good thing I asked then. I'll be sure to introduce myself.

    How long do you plan on staying in Budd Lake?


  7. Hi Scooter, I heard you on Glenn Beck. I LOVE YOU! Do you really have a dog too? I have a big heart for homeless people, but ESPECIALLY those with dogs (or cats). That's because I have 3 dogs and one cat and "BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, THERE GO I." I am one paycheck away from being there too. God bless you Scooter
    Glenn Beck is an amazing human being and God uses him in many ways. I'm sure he will give you some work and God will take care of you.
    You are in my prayers,

  8. Hi Scooter, caught you on Glenn Beck and found your situation interesting. You should write a book titled: "Learning to Survive in the New World Order - Ala, Obama's World" Who knows, you could wind up on a tour of all the TV talk shows.

    May God be with and bless you,