Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday!!!!

I have no dog in this hunt...but will enjoy watching the game.

Went to services again this morning and, frankly, the topic shook me up a bit. Not so much the message...although that was powerful....but my mind had been leading up to what he had to teach the last couple of days.

Like a One, Two Punch!

On the annoyance front......

I've had this stalker for a couple of years now. This guy, originally from Warren County now in North Dakota, is a petty little man who just likes to harass. He is known about the internet as Uber Trolling Flame Thrower and not mentally all there.

He was entertaining. I would sometimes tweak him a bit, like when you tap the glass at the monkey cage, and watch him rant.

Annoying but he was basically harmless.

Well..he upped the ante and so did I.

I reached out to his I.S.P. and they put him on notice. A couple of sites he went to create or stalk either were forced down or he is being completely ignored.  He creates different persona's and has conversations with himself.

He tried convincing me he was a mutil millionaire and his...."' are worth more than your house was!"

I knew it was the same nutcase from N.J.

Anyhow......I see he is using a misspelling of my name and....this is new...a female persona  to cause trouble. Get a hobby there, Richie!!!! This needs to end , here.

I never knew Google and such could be as good a friend as it has become.'s game....I don't care who wins as long as the commercials are a hoot and the game exciting.


Until next time....

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