Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Am Going To Address This ONCE.....

UPDATE 02/23/13 8:37 P.M.C.S.T. : 

Back in the E.R. Lungs have not been doing so well at all these last few days. Awaiting diag to see what's what. Wish me luck.....

There have been a number of comments left on here from people who represent opposite ends of the spectrum speculating on my sincerity and honesty. Some merely chastise....then there are ones like the following from the ever popular and cowardly “Anonymous”. It reads as follows.....

I am so happy to hear you are back in that van and not in a motel.

Sorry to hear people are still helping you with van bills and other expenses.

You are not to sick to work, you don't want to work and who would if they had others paying all their bills.

To begin with, this person and I are in agreement on one thing. I am glad to be out of the motel as well. I didn't like having the accumulating debt. Thus...I am free from that.

Consensus, though, ends there.......

Obviously this individual missed some history here. After arriving in Texas and subsequent to Beck's “Restoring Love” event, I had a job within a days. It involved a lot of outdoor work and walking in Texas level temps. I enjoyed the exercise, fresh air, and I had a new audience everyday. That particular gig was not a good fit product wise, thus I sought and found employ elsewhere.

Same kind of gig, different product, and the effort was producing results. I was paying my own way, living in Dallas in a nice place, and moving my life along.

Then I started having major breathing problems. I couldn't go one home to the next without gasping. Even after catching my breath and talking with someone, I would get winded sitting down simply from speaking.

On November 10th I was diagnosed with C.O.P.D. and a side of Pneumonia. It explained a lot. I provided my X-Rays here as well as subsequent reports on my deteriorating health. I posted the results of my breath tests and the meds I am on. Needless to say, I could not continue with the job I was working.

I am still under a specialists care and involved in a Medical Trial for an experimental treatment for my malady. I had tried getting back into another field I have extensive experience in, Automotive, and had a couple of interviews with some shops. I found being around the fumes that are a absolute part of that business is integral to the industry, made breathing difficult at best. I have been sending out applications and answering ads as best I can. Not having net access as I was enjoyed slows this efftort considerably.

As for me exaggerating my condition and being less than honest regards what I deal with physically, that's nonsense and frankly ignorant, as one need only read what I have written, but also provided documentation to back up what I presented in this forum. There are days I walk across a room and I am short of breath, other days is almost normal and can get around and do stuff.

It's the nature of the malady......

My meds are being revised and altered to see what will work best for me. In the meantime, I mention here what I could use help with and hope for the best. Understand this.....I EXPECT NOTHING!!! I am deeply appreciative when support comes along. However, with but a few personal and familial instances, NO ONE OWES ME ANYTHING!!!!! They offer because they want's that simple.

Don't like it? There are other blogs you can read. Please feel free to explore them....

I stated here recently I moderate the comments left. I don't publish the overly complimentary ones, as well as the pretty venomous. Thing is, the nasty ones get over the top and generally come from the same couple of people. Even though they post without revealing themselves, or using made up names, their visits are time and date stamped with I.P. Address and location. Just recently I had one of my “fans” get mail from their I.S.P. telling them to behave...... or else.

Bottom line, what I state here regards my status and health are what's real. My feeling is that for me to lie now, becomes my downfall later. In the future, anyone who doubts my sincerity can go back and read through my blog for themselves.

All that being said....I want to get back to my meandering writings and observations. Thanks for your loyalty and indulgences these last few years.

God Bless.

Until next time.....

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