Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fear And Loathing In The E.R.

Yep, tis true! I present the evidence for your consideration. Another few days of gasping for air....another trip to the E.R. They performed all the proper and necessary tests to rule out any heart problems, and then began administering meds. I got the written report on the X-Rays, and would have posted the images but I can't get over to pick them up right now.

I am alive...mostly.

Went to a presentation last night with a company called Ambit Energy. There program operates in a number of states, most notably Texas, and coincidentally New Jersey. In general, I take a jaundiced eye to these types of meetings, but came away impressed and keenly interested. Had some time at it's conclusion to talk with some people who have been involved since the beginning, as well as,  recent recruits.

Should I be able to get involved with this, I can market it in any state they are working in, for saving people significant cash for electric and gas utilities. It would offer a steady and significant income based on history and 3rd party evaluations of the company.

Here's the thing......
My situation regards my lungs limits any number of income opportunities from being within my abilities. Given my age and C.O.P.D. malady, it would be a direct act of God for me to be offered a position other than a Walmart Greeter or some manual labor. The FiOS job I lost when I contracted Pneumonia offered a nice bit-0-cash while it lasted, but doing door to door is not in my realm anymore.

I am a very good salesman. From building and selling my own company, to my time in automotive, to pitching projects and consulting....I did pretty well.

This opportunity is selling, certainly. But I can do so on many levels, including Social Media, YouTube, this blog, etc. I already have people to approach in N.J. and an entirely new state to do my best in.

I can make a go of this. Here's the other thing.....

I had to break down and apply for disability. Right now, hand to God, I have 98¢ in the bank and 23¢ in my pocket. That's it...and out of gas. I am blessed to have a place to park and work and sleep and shower...

You get the idea.

What I am looking for is a loan. I mean, someone wants to send me funds, I am grateful beyond belief and accepting of that gift. However, I have a substantial outlay to deal with. There are some meds to get, a water pump needed for the van, co-pays for my Pulmonary Specialist, and day to day expenses to be met. I am not approved for disability yet, but is in the pipeline.

This is the first thing to come along for me that shows significant promise and has my juices flowing. I had all but given up on gaining any real ground again in my life, throw in the towel, and languish. Learn to live with my disease and wait for the last sunset.

Now I am feeling different. If anyone reading this is interested in helping, PLEASE reach out to me via email, so we can connect one on one. I am willing to give out my phone number, just not anxious to publish it here. Of course there is also the PayPal button , screen right.

Also, if you are interested in this program as a customer, please email me for that as well. Once I get on board with this program, I can start saving you money on all things energy.

The email to use for all is:

I ask you all keep me in your prayers and thoughts for this to work out for me. I have seen the power of those efforts have a positive impact in my existence!

And of course, thanks for following me and reading my mash ups here.

Until next time....


  1. Why does your paper show 11/30/12?

    1. I was at that hospital twice this past November. Once on the 28th under my own power and once via ambulance on the 30th. My wrist band photo was taken sitting on the report from the 2nd visit. You can read about that in the preceding posts as well as here:

  2. We're with EXPOSE HOMELESSNESS, a Google Blog out of Southern California. We'll be adding your blog to our links to HOMELESS BLOGGERS AND POVERTY ACTIVISTS! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you....

      I'll be taking a look at your blog as well.