Friday, November 26, 2010

Miserable Day....

....just made horrible!

The generator died. It appears to have siezed up and, with that, goes my heat and ability to be mostly self contained.

Then the car battery was dead...but a nice guy gave me a jump start.

The "Signs" are are all adding up. Is it really any wonder I am planning on hanging myself?

I have less that 1/4 tank of gas to get through the night. I am using an inverter to get online for a little bit,

Then that's it!

So if any of you pray or focus energy....please implore God to finally take me.

Or does God only help those who help themselves?

Will certainly know on or just before the 4th of December.


  1. What comment can be left for this post...i guess the only thing i would for You to think of what You'd tell any of the people who's lives You've touched through the years

  2. Pls. Don't harm yourself!! Remember somewhere somebody loves you!

  3. Pls. Don't harm yourself!! Remember somewhere somebody loves you!

  4. Some people I've told to drop dead! ;)

    I get your point, c, but sometimes things are feeling unsurmountable.(sp)

  5. A wise man once told me *grin*
    "Feel your place"...and I'm SURE I could think of something mount-able, but we won't go there!

  6. Most importantly God loves you and His word says He will never forsake you. God has a purpose for your life just like everyone else, each and every single day. Instead of thinking about how bad things are ask God how He wants to use you and what He is preparing you for by taking you through this. Ask Him every day what He would have you do @ that moment with your time, your talents and your life. Maybe you are meant to help other homeless people even after you survive this&you are in a nice cozy living space&able to pay bills but how can you truly help someone or relate if you haven't been there yourself. I will be praying for you too but not for your death..for your life! Have faith! As cliche as this might sound its the truth..God works all things out for the good of those who believe! I don't know you but it would make me sad to find out that you gave up before you had the chance to fulfill all that God has for you. If nothing else, please know that my 10 year old has seen your van and asked me to look up your blog & she prays for you as well. God does answer prayers! I've lived in a car, I've been through a lot but God is good all the took me way too long to realize that.