Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bob Has A New Daddy Now...

...and a new family as well!

Yesterday Bob The Van Eating Dog went off to live with his new folks. People with 3 age proper kids...BIG yard...and lots of care and love. Here's a picture of Bob doing the "Idiot Check" to see if he left anything behind:

Here he is, all packed and waiting for the new family to arrive.

All in all, he has been a real trooper. And in some ways I am sorry to see him leave, but it's for the greater good. It is much better for him to be in a house than a van....evan if a Conversion Van Of Wonders.

So, God Bless Bob and may he and his family have an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving together!

For moi....sadly quiet in here.
It is what it is.


  1. Whenever you can love someone enough, to know when its time to let go. Thats "Real Love" I hope I said that right!!! LOL Im just Bob is with an excellent family :)

  2. Hopefully you and Bob will be able visit each other from time to time :)