Friday, November 26, 2010

Just When You Think It Can't Get Any Worse.....

...things turn out a whole lot better!

The night was tough. No heat, VERY little gas for the van, and the dead generator mocking me.
The looming auction of all my stuff.
The up coming holiday season I won't be a part of.
No smokes!

Then a couple of things happened.

The other homeless guy stopped by and bought me a pack of smokes. O.K....craving handled.

Then sometime later a very nice woman approaches my driver's side window and asks...

"How's your generator?"

I's kaput.

She says...let us buy you a new one!


Outta the blue!

Seems she has been following your humble narrator's ramblings here and saw my dilemma last evening. Thus, she and her husband, with two little daughters in tow, drove me to buy my new power source. PLUS...a new 5 gal. gas can and filled it with gas!

Life can turn on a dime. Or in this case a sizable amount of green.

This gen is awesome. 4K watts....MUCH quieter than the prior one. With the extra wattage I can run pretty much everything in the Conversion Van Of Wonders at once. Outstanding!

Don't get me wrong, the other gen was a HUGE benefit for me. And the prior Angel who bought it for me gave me a lot of comfort and safety by my having it. My eternal gratitude and a God Bless to her and her's for helping me last spring. Helluva a woman!

And now this new family has my same wishes. God Bless and undying gratefulness. Right now I am sipping coffee I made while leaving the heater on and the laptop up and running, with a 100Watt lamp lighting my way.

Way cool!

So to the family who helped out this humble narrator a B I G Thank You along with my, and I am sure my faithful reader's, wishes for an absolutely outstanding Christmas Holiday Season.

Here I was already to do myself a turn. I even picked out the color of the rope. "Blue" as in Blue State. I figured since the Blue State types were strangling the country and The Constitution, blue rope should offer a complimentary purpose to moi as well.

The rope is still buried somewhere in the back of the van.

I almost, ALMOST, feel like fighting back again. Trying to do something, anything, to avoid losing my stuff to strangers next Saturday. Something that does not involve my expiration.

More on that later....

So for now, I am warm, online, and feeling a whole lot calmer....and blessed.

Thanks again to that generous beyond measure family. You made a big difference in this boy's life!

And as for the movie the girls were watching in the back of the car. Old Man Sanders would have gotten away with it, if it had not been for those meddling brats!
(I hope that doesn't ruin the ending.)

Until next time.....


  1. Glad to see your day got better :)

  2. We've talked about faith before. I can understand why you were at the "end of your rope". For far less reasons than you, my faith in any great acts of God was waning. Doesn't this show us both something?

    You were so heavy on my mind after our last conversation the day before thanksgiving. I actually checked here to see if there was any activity to indicate if you were still here.

    I am compelled to write to express my own wishes for heaps of blessings on that family. May their kindness return to them tenfold. I bet they didn't realize their blessing to you helped ME, and who knows how many others who read here to keep the faith.

    How about throwing out the rope to show yours?


  3. I understand your points...

    Seems that the owner of the storage place smells ($$$) blood and is upping the ante! Anyone remember the movie "Sophie's Choice"?