Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I LOVE "The McRib"!

The McRib Saves Lives!

O.K....full disclosure time. Since Sunday, 9 P.M. I have eaten:

6 Hostess Vanilla "Zingers"
4 Tastee Cake "Vanilla Lovers" Cupcakes
1 McRib

A young man from the now deceased pizzeria stopped by Camp Scooter-South and brought me one these. I lost all control and devoured it, savoring every last messy morsel!

When you buy a McRib, an Angel gets it's wings!

I just went over to get a cup of coffee during their "Any Size Coffee $1.00" deal. I have a mug I use that has traveled near and far with me for some 20 years. I had 3, one got lost, the other hidden somewhere in The Conversion Van Of Wonders.

I go to the condiment/soda fountain area and put in my cream and sugar, as is my want to do before pouring said Java. I take the well traveled mug and place it on the counter to order a, presumably, large coffee.

This is where it turns a tad unpleasant!

This manager type who obviously enjoys McDonald's food far more than I gives me this....look. A not very friendly....look. I order the coffee and he mutters "large coffee" as he seemingly, reluctantly presses appropriate buttons on the cash register.

I hand the mug over to a very nice young lady who takes it to the coffee pot to pour in said Java. As she starts this manager type says to her it's a large coffee.

I figure no big deal.

She brings the mug to me and I ask her if she would fill it all the way up, maybe was an 1/8 of an inch from the top. She smiled, and said sure...and went back to the pot. Faster than a White Castle Slider passes through your system, said manager type goes to mildly scold her that next time she should take a large McDonald's cup, fill it with coffee so as to measure the amount of said Java received by moi. Suffice to say, he had an attitude and tone!

SIDETRACK: Ray Crock's widow (Ray is the one who made this chain what it is today. He didn't create it, but bought it from 2 brothers and had a vision) is an uber progressive! For quite sometime I would not purchase food there, as she has this thing about funding progressive causes and candidates. Needless to say, she pushes "Green" on the franchise. No paper towels, only blowers. Recycled napkins and cardboard food containers.

Obviously said manager type didn't get that memo. He would waste a paper coffee cup in order to avoid an 1/8 of an inch of said Java from reaching my lips! I am by NO means a Green type. I hug no trees nor do I endorse that Climate Change fraud. Truth be told, I put my "Carbon Footprint" up Al Gore's Ass! But waste is why do it.

Then in an accent thicker than a "Wendy's Big Frosty" muttered something about needing to get his pay check, meaning, that 1/8 of an inch of coffee was going to deny his family the means of survival.

I think he just doesn't like homeless guys!

He obviously is not from these here parts, as the accent was certainly Hispanic in nature. Now before ANYONE accuses me of racism or prejudice, here are couple of facts!

I grew up with migrant workers and their kids when I lived in between two farms in Joliet, Ill. We all played together...ate together...were always welcome in my home. The owner of the deceased pizzeria immigrated here from Honduras and became a part of my extended family. And during this homeless adventure I am on, Hispanics have been a generous and supportive group to me here at Camp Scooter-South. I have never seen harder working people in my life.

I do admit to not liking Mexican food at all. To me it smells like feet, and I like my beans cooked right the FIRST time! I also admit to approving of deportation of ANYONE here illegally and a strong, secure border both South and North.


(Like how I avoided the..."Why some of my best friends are..." sandpit?)

But I digress....

More than irking my liver, I found this kind of amusing. I mean, this guy actually stated that my wee bit-O-coffee was going to impact his personal bottom line. The Kindly Widow Crock probably donates to any number of homeless focused charities.

Just sayin'

I have no doubt this guy is a solid employee and earns every penny he is paid. I give him credit for learning the language and, if he has children, is most likely old school in wanting them to have a better life than he. I would encourage him to bring to mind from time to time those who guided, helped, encouraged, and gave him a break or two along the way. Karma can be a lover or a chose for her.

I like McD's Java better than most. CERTAINLY better that Starbucks! And there is no doubt regards my devotion and worship to the All Powerful McRib. I believe in Happy Meals and voted for Mayor McCheese. Ronald is the only clown, next to Emmett Kelly, I don't find scary.


I am enjoying said Java as I type this, and back on track with my food austerity program.

Until next time.....

P.S. Posted using McD's Free WiFi! Thanks, Kind Widow Crock.

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  1. I enjoyed your honest blog and hope that you will find the means to improve upon your situation, if you so wish. Needless to say, your blog offered insight that is not commonly known on the homeless and their day to day life.

    Thanks again,