Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Update 04/28/10

Feeling MUCH better! Have a drainage thingy I'll have to deal with for a while (kinda like a C.Bag training wheels), but should be out of the woods soon. Looks like I'll be discharged tomorrow.

In the meantime, Bob The Van Eating Dog continues his vacation at the Jersey Shore and sends me pics from time to time. The latest one is here.

So hopefully I can finally tell you about the guy I met who told me the dark family secret of an American advertising icon and the group to which the guy belongs to. Also, my take on my ailment. There is an upside, believe it or not!

Anyhow, The Conversion Van Of Wonders is running in a rear parking lot after a lengthy jump start process with Al from Security, and I have to turn it off in a bit. One more night, then back in the world I go. Please keep good thoughts!

Until next time....

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