Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Med Update: Arrrgghhh...Trying To Avoid The "C" Word.

Tomorrow my hot spot gets drained so the antibiotics can take a better hold. If this works, I may only have to be here a few more days. If not, and surgery is called for, we have an issue.

Understand, my specialists are terrific. And the surgeon has an AMAZING background and story to tell. Just no way am I being adorned with a bag.....period!

Once again, migration plans thwarted. I had planned on heading out 4/21 or 4/28. If they only have to drain, the 28th may work, depending on follow up stuff. For me it's still "Wyoming Or Bust"!

Another issue has been the fevers and sweats. It does seem to affect my thinking and all, especially after having not eatens since last thursday. Please bear with me. And, please, good and positive thoughts my way.

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  1. Please feel well Scooter. We're thinking about you and your in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated.