Wednesday, April 14, 2010

If I Wrote A Book About All The Times I had To Stop Fast And Brake REALLY Hard....

...would the book be called, "My Tales Of Whoa" ?

I am pretty much under the weather. The pains came back late in the day Easter, and they linger to this evening. My abdomen has been particularly annoying. Feels like 3 daggers in my lower gut at the same time.

Thus, my lack of new posting. And I REALLY want to tell you about this guy I met and what he told me about the sibling of a VERY famous and beloved advertising icon!

All I could eat today was one.....yes one....White Castle BBQ Pork Slider and 4 Tastycake Cupcakes. I know I dehydrated myself, so drinking water has improved the pains in other places, but my gut is in turmoil. Being the trooper I am, you never would have guessed from my appearance on radio last night.

Anyhow, hopefully by this weekend, this will have moved along and I can stop walking hunched over. I guess eating something would be helpful as well.

In the meantime, keep a good thought for me, if you would.


Until next time.....

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