Sunday, September 8, 2013

OK...Here's The Deal.....

Mickey has not grown much at all, but the anti biotics used in the hope this was an infection accomplished nothing.

Hope's Dashed!

Now we are hoping it's fungal...yecchhh...and I am being scheduled for a biopsy sometime next week.

The prospects for treatment if it's cancer are not promising. Mortality rates on the operating table are grim. I already decided I won't be operated on. If I survive the surgery, half of the one lung will be gone and my left one is compromised. Meaning, I'll be all but an invalid.

Not happening.

I either will overcome this thing or die. Better that than being in a Lil' Rascal and constant oxygen up my nose.

As for the apartment, it's coming along. It is.....modest. The thing I like about this place is they insist on background checks! You have a can't live here. It's quiet, most are friendly, some quite odd.

And I have "pets"! (Think the movie "Joe's Apartment)  I kill these pets every chance I get. NOT bedbugs....just some other forms of pain in the ass. One thing I noticed, these guys are SMART! I have never seen insects so in tune what is around them before. as soon as one thinks I'm about to get him, he blots, and I mean BOLTS away.

When I kill one, I leave the body around for a while as a message to his pals. And when one happens upon the stove...he makes a snapping sound!

The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders is not doing well at all. I hopefully have someone looking at it tonight, because it is really not safe for me to use. I have no other choice. Between needing stuff and driving into Fort Worth for health care, I must have wheels.

Thus the update. I thank all of you who I see coming back over and over. It's nice to know you are still interested.

Be well.

Until next time.....


  1. Glad to hear the apartment is coming along...I was just informed by my home use Boric Acid....sprinkle it under the sink, back of cabinets, around perimeter...apparently bugs can't process any type of flatulence and they love boric they eat it and pretty much the gas kills them


    1. Thanks. The maintenance guy here told me the same thing. Just have to get some and set to sprinklin'!