Monday, July 15, 2013

In 9 Days...

...I turn 58. Next month, on the 9th, it will be the 4 year mark of yours truly residing in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders.

Not where I imagined myself to be when I was 5.

Some 53 years ago.

No word yet on what Micky Mass may be. The prevailing thought is infection. I am on a 30 day regimen of antibiotics. After that, a CAST scan done and we see.

Also in 9 days I will have reached the one year mark of being in Texas.  Arrived with expectations of getting my life back and moving on.

I still have my life and have moved on. However not in a direction I wanted.

SIDETRACK: For those of you late to the party, the story thus far.

In New Jersey I found myself on what I call "Disability Lite". One condition of being on said entitlement was applying for Disability in the forms of "Supplemental Security Income (S.S.I)" and "State Disability Income (S.D.I.)". I was on that due to two cardiac episodes, a two week bout with Diverticulitis, and a couple of small strokes over a period of some 3 years.

I pushed off applying for full blown benefits in the hope of being able to gain my self some testicular fortitude and get on with things.

The following year, I was told in no uncertain verbiage, apply to aforementioned programs or lose everything!

I did so, halfheartedly, with result being I was turned down. I didn't appeal.

Moving to Texas was the end game for that.

Turns out, being here may just be the end of stuff. A lot has gone wrong, and  gone right.

Gone Right: Had work (lost due to health). volunteering at "Restoring Love", blessed by so many people helping, got baptized and re-found faith.

Gone Wrong: Health, work, income, shelter. In HUGE chucks!!!

I don't know what to expect, anymore. Or even hope for.

Will write more, tomorrow......

Until then....

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