Monday, May 6, 2013


Last week began with pressure on my chest. As much as I tried on Sunday, I couldn't make it to services. Wound up spending that day, and a few following, with my face in an Air Conditioner for cold, filtered air. I reached out to my ;Pulmonary guy and to this moment still have not heard back.

By Tuesday it had become unbearable and found myself, once again, gasping for every breath. I couldn't walk from one end of The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders to the other without having to stop for a few minutes to try and catch my breath. Twice the spasms  put so much pressure on my body, I lost control of my bladder twice.

I really did not want to go to the E.R.!

I made my way to the clinic that I get meds with a co-pay from to see if the doctor there would see me and hopefully give me a prescription for Prednisone. Despite my VERY obvious distress, he refused both requests. Instead telling me through his nurse to go to an E.R. or the urgent care place they run some 40 miles away.

SIDETRACK: I do NOT want to appear to diss the health plan I have been blessed with. This doctor and I do not seem on the same page. I requested, and was given, a different Physician and I see her this coming Wednesday.

Left that facility and stopped by a CVS where I bought liquid Ibruprofen and allergy meds. The Ibru is an anti-inflammatory, thus hopefully would reduce the swelling of my lungs. The allergy meds, because I had a hunch.

On the way back to where I am parked, I stopped at the hospital I was rushed to 3 times in the last 6 months to get the CD of my X-Rays and Radiologist's report. I didn't get but 20 feet and they had to put me in a wheel chair. I wound up being driven to the department and out to my vehicle.

It was not pleasant at all.

Anyhow, I started using the Ibru as well as my inhalers which brought some relief. The next day I took the allergy med and noticed a decent amount of relief. My hunch played out. Thing is, when I saw the Pulmonary guy on the 24th, I was in a good amount of distress walking to the building and down the hall. About 40 minutes into the visit they ran a test to see how much oxygen I was getting in my blood. I had to walk up and down a corridor at a brisk pace for six and a half minutes. As I rounded each time by the nurse, I had to show her the reading on the meter I carried. It never went below 90, which is good. Here's the kicker....

I wasn't all that winded when I got done! It felt no more that if I was out of shape and a bit take aback. Without question, I am lacking some exercise given what I deal with. But what really surprised me was how I was not on the floor gasping.

At that point I figured allergies were aggravating, thus irritating my lungs to the point of being swollen. Hence, the allergy med.

My breathing right now is still no where perfect. Being out in the open as it were, the Loratadine is helpful but not quite enough to get me as stable as possible. But that's not my only problem...

A dear friend in New Jersey PayPal'd me some funds to pay for my auto insurance.I wound up having to use a good amount on meds and gas, plus my Spiriva script which I pick up today with a $20.00 co-pay.

I also eat, sometimes. I keep it to one meal a day for two reasons:

A: Not much space inside me right now, thus keeping pressure off of my lungs.
B: Don't want to spend the money.

I got myself a decent meal, figuring my body is weakened from not eating enough, thus had to do something.

So now I have to be out and about "fundraising" and do the best I can. I have until the 11th to pay Progressive. I am still waiting on my appeal to Disability.

There is a new to me med I read about called Zymessence that's an enzyme based anti-inflammatory. The steroid based ones, over time, do bad stuff to the body. and given my experiences, I know I need something to keep my lungs quelled on a regular basis. Everything I have read about this stuff has been positive.

We'll see....

By the next time I post I should have some news about an opportunity that may be available for me to earn some money. Don't want to say too much..but it could be big!

Anyhow...thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

Until next time....

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