Monday, May 27, 2013

Like A Strike Out Of The Blue....

....I had another attack last night. One of the kind that orders my bladder to shrink itself in a way it knows best, regardless a facility to do so neatly!

It's like being a fish out of water. I am gasping, getting little clutches of air, and mentally telling myself not to panic, because that only makes things a LOT worse.

Fortunately, last week I had the $5.00 co-pay and picked up my Prednisone so it could be on hand. You aren't supposed to do this, but I chewed it so it would work much faster. Good thing I did, because I am convinced I'd have passed out and maybe stopped breathing at all, had it not kicked in and reduced the swelling of my lungs. And we all know what that can lead to. Good timing for me that I got Baptized last Sunday.

I had a sense this was coming. Saturday breathing was labored but not drastically. Sunday morning I almost didn't make it to Church because it was getting much harder to breathe. So when nighttime arrived and it was coming on strong, I was taken aback but not surprised.

On the shelter front, things have nosed dived. Recent situations with a couple of other guys here.....addicts...that stayed in the house have started to come down on my head. Both were kicked out, finally, but I find myself left in the wake. I was made to unplug from the electric, thus losing my A.C., thus losing cleaned air.

SIDETRACK: I sleep in the van because it's a lot easier to get stuff done online with all my stuff in one place. Plus, this guy doesn't use utilities like heat and A.C. at all. With minimal devices I can heat and cool in here, as well. I should note he is Tongan and has a different take on many things.

He has a WAY overinflated view on what it costs for me to be here. Granted, it's not free, but for the amount of time I am parked and using power it's about $.89 cents a day. A shower costs 0.0040 each time. To him that's enormous. His point of view regards my choices are breathe air like him, go to the hospital, or leave here. (He likes to sleep outside) I do that and I have another BIG bill on my back that I can ill afford. (No pun intended)

SIDETRACK: I am not living a life of leisure here. I do a number of things for him, and help physically where I can. My abilities, physical labor wise, are no doubt compromised. I have been writing material for applications he is making for permits and such.

Bottom line...I need to come up with some funds. Not just for here, but $65.00 for medicine co-pays. The co-pays I need by tomorrow, or the stuff goes back to the central pharmacy of the H.M.O. I am blessed to be enrolled in. It will take another 4 days for it all to be resent to where I pick things up.

I do have some lighter stories to write about, and one in particular that's was kinda sad. However, my mind is reeling trying to get my ducks at least in the same neighborhood, let alone in a row.

Oh...I had a 3 week bout with gastro olympics and have about 2 months of laundry to do. I am discovering a certain "freedom" from lack of clean underwear.

Thus, today is all about fund raising via the generosity of others and seeking out day gigs I am capable of doing. Wish me luck, please, and Pray for me. If anyone wants to help, time is an issue. Best way would be a MoneyGram via C.V.S. or Walmart.  You can email confirmation via:

I will need it!

Hopefully next time I can write like I used to. We'll see.

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