Saturday, March 10, 2012

It Was A Nice Run, Wasn't It?

BIG change coming to your humble narrator. Been given the word I have to skedaddle by the 17th of March.

Before any of my friends and followers here take aim at the authorities that be, pause a for a sec......

I've been living here at Camp Scooter:SouthEast, Afscootistan (A.H.A.) for just under a year and a half. As I have oft stated, people in and around me have been VERY nice and supportive. The police have been great and protective, and the property owners, at minimum, tolerant.

They aren't the ones pushing this.

It's a few taxpayers who have expressing their...disdain....for the situation. And I can understand their frustration, what with the outrageous property taxes citizens here pay. Based on my own situation, I have "saved" (read: not had to spend) $24,000.00 in property taxes alone by residing in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders.

So they decided to harass the property managers to give me the heave ho. Even though I was costing them , nothing.

Que Sera.

Now if I was a different type of person, with no goals or ambitions, I would seek out a roof at a shelter. According to this report, putting someone up at a shelter "...can cost taxpayers $75 to $105 per night..." as opposed to the zero cost for me.

How's that math work out for you guys? Let me know, will ya'?

To the contrary, what money I do get, either by effort or offering, I would spend locally. For food, gas, etc. And yes, I have gotten some public assistance...the absolute minimum, while shunning other entitlements I was encouraged or mandated to apply for. I had a woman once cuss me out because I refused to "say what I had to" (read:LIE) to get disability. Absolutely true story!

Now, I had been telling folks up here that I planned on leaving sometime between the end of March to no later than April 15th, tax day. This pushes my plans WAY up, and puts me in an awful bind. Unlikely, without some REAL BIG TIME "Divine Intervention", will I be prepared to head out. But it is what it is.

I can tell you, I'll miss this place.

I was safe here! That's the biggest thing. Been in this town 29 years, same house for 27, and the powers that be knew me well. Plus, old friends and neighbors were a cell call away if I needed some immediate assistance.

I helped a lot of people and a lot of people helped me. I made friends and supporters. The merchants here are friendly to me and would always ask how am I faring, especially during the winter months.

I trained a few of the seagulls here to eat out of my hand. Saw sunsets that would leave you breathless, and more than a couple HUGE rainbows that look like a Hollywood special effect.

Plus, I was mere steps away when The McRib was in season! (McRib Saves Lives)

As of this writing, I have just under 7 days to be ready to leave. I will either thrive or die. It's that basic. Fortunately, the weather in the near term is expected to be uniquely warmish for this time of year. That's an absolute bonus.

I had 2 projects I was working on, and hoped they would come to fruition...and may still ...but I doubt in time to be any help right away.

Maybe this coming Friday the 16th I'll host a "kegger". St. Patty's is the next day, after all. If you feel at all inclined to help out, please email me from here or stop by.

Until next time.....

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