Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Medical Saga Begins..... the Dentist. Had my first fillings in who knows how long on Friday and set up appointments for my mouth's renewal.

SIDETRACK: I use the word "Saga" as opposed to "Journey" for a reason. I am sick of that word being used on everything from American Idol to The Maury Show "Who The Baby Daddy" episodes when a girl comes on for the umpteenth time for DNA results. What gets me is when after the 10th guy is found not to be the sperm donor, they run off the stage crying in shame. They simply need to admit that the brand of panties they buy has a unique attraction to gravity that has science baffled.

It would explain everything!

A Journey is something you do up a mountain with a big stick looking for wisdom and a Wiseman. Not multiple DNA test failure appearances or if you lose a singing competition!


I saw a Neuro Guy on Thursday who has ordered a battery of tests on me. Stuff I never thought of like my optical nerves and carotid arteries. MRI, EEG, and some test where electrodes are embedded in my skull and I look at light on a computer screen. This should be interesting.

Go figure.

After the dentist I went to my G.P.'s for a regular med exam and a couple of things happened.

My BP was 160/90 and she finally convinced me to take meds to control it

I have this bulb growing on my left elbow that she really got concerned about. seems if it's just fluid from banging it, no biuggie. But if it signals an infection in the joint, it get rather messy.

Who knew?!?!?!

So she went about trying to line me up then and there with a bone guy. No luck, so I am off to an appointment Monday with a bone guy, after having "stat" blood work and X-Rays done.

All told, my upcoming med appointments keep me locked down in N.J. through the beginning of November, which means I am stuck here for Halloween.

SIDETRACK: I was trying to come up with a clever costume this year and came up with the idea of being a "VANpire" (you'll get it in a second..." Since transmission fluid is the only "Red" fluid in here, my catch phrase would have been:

"I vant to suck your tranny"
But that's really, REALLY "gay"!

So it's back to last year's costume. The homeless, nameless, bearded guy who offers kids candy from a van.

HUGE hit in '09!

But I digress...which, after all, defines a "Sidetrack".

Your humble narrator faces some rather daunting scenarios. Even the dental work will be extensive. So keep good thoughts and prayers to the Deity that best suits your needs for a Bit-O-Providence to happen my way.

From "The Home Of Falling Prices"....

Until next time.............


  1. lol Vanpire! Glad you can keep your sense of humor. It goes a long way when times are tough.

  2. What if the van blows something major and won't run? What's the backup plan?

  3. I have so much on my plate right now, I have to deal with what's in front of me. I have been "stuck" before during this phase of my misery and have by my own efforts and/or with the help of others, gotten through it.

    So Hopatcong Guy, how's about leaving the gloom and doom to me and posting something of a positive, hopeful, or encouraging nature next time?