Wednesday, August 11, 2010

They Grow Up SOOOO Fast, Don't They????

Back in the 70's I was a "follow my own path" kinda guy.

My friends wore bell bottom pants, I wore gong bottom pants.
If they wore turtle neck shirts. I wore the uncircumcised neck shirts that cover my face up to my nose, like that one odd kid in the Bazooka Joe funnies you got with the gum.

SIDETRACK: What was up with Bazooka Joe's eye patch? I mean, what 8 year old kid has an eye patch? Did it get pulled out when he made too big a gum bubble and it stuck to his eye and yanked? And why were he and his pals like street kids, but all were white?
Inquiring minds wanna know!

So anyhow, I wasn't one to follow the trends.

Ok..who am I kidding? I was a complete whore to what was happening at the time, except for sports stuff and gimmicks. But one gimmick did catch my attention:

Yes...your humble narrator had a Pet Rock named Stanley. I took my stewardship of Stanley quite seriously. He got lot's of sun, mineral supplements daily, and plenty of "Stanley Time" with me.

He went everywhere with me, when he was still pocket sized. But as with all things, he continued to grow and my ability to tend to him compromised, which wasn't fair to him. I found a Pet Rock Rescue facility in, of all place, Boulder, Colorado. They had an excellent program where he and other Pet Rocks could find fellowship with one another, lot's of exercise so as to not gather any moss, as well as proper educational opportunities, mostly vocational.

(picture of Stanley on my Dad's 1966 Pontiac 2+2)
At the Rescue they could learn how to be a part of landscaping, and Stanley had a particular obsession with Stonehenge, aspiring to be like the stones there. I encouraged his dream in the regular letters I would send.

Time passed and Stanley drifted away from me, off to find his place in the sun...and the live out his dream.

Flash Forward.....

In this homeless adventure I am on, I have an ability to be geo-flexible, and decided to use said found freedom to look around and see if I could find Stanley somewhere. I used the Internet search database: and got a lead as to where he is now.

I drove to the location, and there he was!!! Standing proud and tall and all growed up looking like a Stonehenge Boulder....was Stanley!!! Tears welled up in my eyes as I took in how much he had grown, strong and tall, and hoped he didn't hold my sending him for adoption against me.


Towering over the ground that lies in his shadow! Guarding over his little one's that lay at his base. I couldn't be more proud! Those "Flintstone Vitamins With Minerals" really paid off!

He understood my reasons for sending him to Boulder, and actually felt it gave him the best opportunity for fulfilling his dream. He introduced me to his young charges. one of which is named Stanley, Jr. and wants to follow in his Dad's imprint. We chatted a bit more, and the Stanley had to get back to his duties looking all towering and stuff. I had hoped we could email, but he isn't into the arms or fingers. That explains why I never got any letter back from him.

I promised to stop from time to time, and will do my level best to honor that. But I drove away, a lump in my throat, knowing he is doing well, had found his place and is living his dream, Bold and in the Sun!

Until Next Time....

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  1. your too funny! I kinda feel that way with Alex graduating this year and going to college.