Saturday, August 14, 2010

Exploit Everything!

I have a few expressions I like to call my own. Among them....

Why put off till tomorrow, what can wait till next year!
Nothing exceeds like excess!
And the above captioned Exploit Everything!

Not as sinister as it sounds. What I mean by it is, whatever tools, opportunities, attributes, etc. you are handed, use them to the max.

Exploit Everything!

Add to that a sermon I watched Jim Bakker give once called "Grow Where You Are Planted". It instantly made sense to me.

Well..I am currently "planted" in the parking lot of "The Home Of Falling Prices" and have just a few resources and attributes at my disposal. How do I "MacGyver" this into something profitable.

You'll see....

About a year and a half ago I was made, in no uncertain terms, aware of how unappealing I appear. The "what on earth is she doing with...him?!?!?" kind. The "dating down" kind. And giving my current state of affairs, I am approaching that gaunt, all but haunted look kind.

Quite unappealing!

SIDETRACK: Little Known Fact: My cheek bone structure is the inspiration for Skeletor from "He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe"!

Add to that my current adventure in homelessness.

Exploit Everything!

1st Idea:


The homeless construction materials of choice are cardboard and duct tape. But in these Obamanomic troubled economic times, fewer people seem to be buying major appliances, thus a a shortage of necessary stuff. But I persevere...

I would have a 5X5 foot piece of festively painted cardboard with a few holes cut in it for me to pop my head in and out of. Being homeless and unattractive, people would have a blast trying to bop me with a nerf something.

$5.00 For 1 Minute Playing Time

Yell At A Homeless Guy

What better way to vent than to let your inner seething no longer be silent and directed at an unappealing hobo you could care less about! My dain bramaged, Skeletor self will withstand all the abuse you want to hurl my way about any topic.

Growing Prostate Issues
The list is endless. No touching, hitting, spitting, or throwing stuff at the homeless guy.

$10.00 For 5 Minutes
An Extra $5.00 To Video and YouTube The Session

Exploit Everything!

I suppose I should get these ventures up and running soon. I have auto insurance due next week and need $600.00 for the brain doctor. So keep your eye out for my displays at The Home Of Falling Prices and have it!

P.T. Barnum would be proud of me! So would Joseph (Called John In The Movie)Merrick.

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