Sunday, March 23, 2014

Now What.....

I'm at a loss!
I have been served an eviction notice....NOT for rent or noise or anything like that. It's The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders. The rear main seal is kaput and leaking pretty steadily on the the pavement.
Texas is WAY to hot for most blacktop applications, so many lots are cement.
There's no way I have cash for that repair, nor anyplace to keep said vehicle away from here. If anyone local who reads my stuff here can help or has any ideas, PLEASE reach out! This is, as you might imagine, VERY timely.


  1. This is why I tell folks don't get a van to live in get a sailboat you can anchor more places cops hate to get their feet wet when they go kicking homeless people in the head when you are on a sailboat they don't see you as homeless you are living on your boat if you are living in your car you are homeless???? A car requires insurance that alone can run you broke a sail boat you can literally hoist a sail and get under way sure you need an engine to get out the harbor but after that you can sail away.

  2. I'm sure that's true Sean, but that doesn't help our brother now.
    I had the same issue in my old van, (The Ancient One). I used a big chunk of cardboard to sop up the drips, i also parked off of the driveway in dirt. Eventually, the leak got too bad, the local hs technical school's auto repair department fixed my van, and it only cost me for parts.