Saturday, June 15, 2013

Howdy! It's Been A While!

I have been remiss is posting after updating that I have a new part to my body. Here's what happened....

Friday, June 7th, I was going about my morning getting ready to introduce myself to a local corporation and a Social Media Summer campaign I conceived for them.Beautiful day, moderate temperature...all looked good. Then the pain started.....

It was in my back and felt EXACTLY like the pain I had when I experienced my real heart atack back in 2009, and got a stent put in. After it hit a certain level, I went to the nearest E.R. and was checked in immediately.

It was determine pretty quickly that odds were this was NOT a cardiac event. Thus, the CAT Scan and X-Ray were ordered. It was at that point, they discovered I had an infection in the upper part of my right lung, with a bonus feature of a "Mass" behind that. Said item's nature still undetermined. They loaded me up with 2 Broad Spectrum I.V. anti-biotics and sent me on my way. They wanted me to stay for tests and all, but I said no. It was late in the day on a Friday, thus nothing would be done except run up the bill, until Monday. So, back to the van for moi.

I see my pulmonary guy this coming Thursday. At that point I'll know if a biopsy will be performed, or just more anti-biotics. We'll see....

Now I am of the nature to give nick names to things. People, devices, stuff. For example I called my Food Saver appliance the Vac-U-Suck. You get the idea.

I was at a loss of what to call my mass, until I was finally able to view the X-Ray on my computer, and it all came into focus.


Mickey Mass! Whoda' thought!

(This is REALLY my X-Ray! You can see the date in the lower right side of image)

Immediately I had the theme for "The Mickey Mouse Club" being all earwormish in my head and new lyrics came about. Before I show you those, a frame of reference is called for those too young to recall the ORIGINAL M.M.C. and not the creepy one in the 90's. Presented for your enjoyment.....

SIDETRACK: I found this FULL COLOR version I never knew existed before. Only ever saw the show in Black and White.

So I came up with this. Know it's a Work In Progress.

Who's the one, lives in your lung
and makes it hard to breathe
M I C...K E Y...MA-SS, that's he! (Sung EmmA-SS)

Hey There, Hi There, Hack There
I can hear you wheeze.

M I C...K E Y...MA-SS, that's he!

Mickey Mass
(Donald clot)
Mickey Mass
(Donald clot)

Forever keep your platelet levels high

High, HIgh, HIGH...

You get the idea. limbo and seeing what happens. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers.

Until next time.......

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