Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Bob The Conversion Van Eating Dog Pics

Smiling away while down the shore, our pal Bob was having the time of his life!!

Daily l o n g walks, plenty of attention and lots and lots of fresh ocean air!

MANY thanks to the ex for taking care of him while I was laid up in the hospital. Kudos to my oldest for kicking in as well!

The hunt is on for more a more suitable dwelling. I have seen a couple on Craig's that are very inexpensive and promising. So...keep your fingers crossed.
Next day or so, I will post a lot more. Still recovering and a bit frazzled, so writing is not going to be my strong point for a wee bit more.

Thanks for sticking around and will be back, full force, soon.

Until then....

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  1. there is a homeless camp in lakewood nj.It has a shower and free food runned by a minister.Maybe they would take you in