Sunday, July 29, 2012

The "Restoring Love" Week And Event Were GREAT....But Then.....

.... I had to drive away from the stadium!

LOTS to share and tell. Great people, great vibe, great inspiration and message!

The rest of my time here in Texas..not so much.

Yin/Yang and all that!

I will write at length tomorrow. I am kinda a good way...from all things Restoring Love. Thus, I took the day off and became food without a face.

To the lovely blonde woman from Georgia I was talking with in the lot, PLEASE reach out. My head was overloaded from everything, and it struck me that you had something more to share with me after I was half way back to my motel.

Until next time....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Quick Update....

Been hectic to say the least. Hit the ground running at Cowboy's Stadium and been non-stop ever since. Only have a VERY brief time to post, but suffice to say, I am having a blast and doing some networking here at Restoring Love.

See you soon....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

So, I Am Getting Ready For The "Restoring Love" Event..

...and I have to clear out some space on a couple of pretty old Compact Flash cards. I transfer all the images to store on them into one folder, and that's when I make a mistake.

I view what's there. Pictures I took of my house and contents the day before I was locked out. Top that with a picture posted on another site showing a much happier time in my life with the significant acquaintance, and I am pretty much a mess right now.

It's all gone...

Sometimes I wish I was, as well. But I get back on the road forward and hope for the best.

I know...cry me a river.....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Need Some Help If You Can....


Thanks to my niece and nephew I have accomodations for the duration of my gig with Restoring Love!!! 

PLEASE think great thoughts for these 2!!! HUGE RELIEF!!!!! 

Just got handed my assignment for Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love" event in a week. The thing is, I could REALLY use a motel room due to the nature of the task. If anyone can spare a few of the "Free Hotel Nights" you may have available, I need nights from July 24th (My birthday, BTW) through July 29th.

If you can help, please email me.


EDITED TO ADD: I think someone in particular asked God for a favor. This struck some 15 feet or so away from me.

Monday, July 16, 2012

My Interview With Glenn Beck From This morning....

Two ways to watch:

A: I created a picture montage to the interview found here.

Or From GBTV:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I Am Noticing Here In Mississippi


New and disconcerting animal noises.

New and disconcerting animals.

I learned there is something called a "Gatorfish" that grows to a formidable size and resides in the lake behind the house I am at. And these small but really hungry ones that jump out of the water to eat. Sometimes one will jump and jump, almost loking like a skipped stone.

(Better than having Walking Catfish back there. They are nasty and poisonous!)

There are so many Waffle House restaurants here, they are almost within walking distance of one another.

They get some might fierce storms! The one last night woke me around 3 A.M. C.T. with significant thunder.

No one sounds like Forrest Gump.

Shrimping is HUGE here.  The boats are kinda neat looking.

On the work front, been prepping a site for launch around September, may be a bit earlier. It's going to be a new operation utilizing Citizen Journalists and the stories they can cover. If any of you watched the Occupy Wall Street stuff live, streamed from an iPhone, you get the idea. Both live and packaged stuff will be presented there.

Stay tuned....

Back to toiling for your humble narrator. Will post again, soon.

Until then.....

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Drove The Gulf Coast Yesterday....

...from Biloxi to where I am now. Shot some pictures...hope you enjoy.

Hope you the pics to view full size.

Will post more stuff later.

Until then....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Brief Update...

Regards the tree branch sculptures.....

Turns out the type of tree they are done on are Live Oaks and are protected, meaning you can't cut'em down. For the ones that were devastated by Katrina, a local artist decided to create these mini sculptures and do something akin to shellacking the wood to preserve what was left behind. The work was done by a Marlin Miller of Florida. You can read more about it HERE.

A turn of events regards my continuing education in stuff. Seems there may be opportunity for me in a segment of the I.T. industry that I am being enlightened to. As you , my faithful readers know, your humble narrator would welcome a nomadic lifestyle, while accumulating funds to begin the beguine of a conventional home dwelling. The toughest part of this endeavor is getting used to the "language". I already understand the bulk of the concepts and inner workings...I just use different words to name stuff. I'll know more in a week.

I am still waiting to hear from Mercury One regards a volunteer assignment leading up to Beck's "Restoring Love" event.I am hoping to learn about that, soon.

Odd...everyone here has an accent. Everyone here asks me where I am from.

The devastation I see here from Katrina is significant. The town I am in, Pass Christian, took the direct hit from the storm. The homes, buildings...the town....were wiped off the map. Everything here, with but one or two exceptions, is new construction. Frankly, real estate bargains in shore area, abound.

Across the street from where I am staying
And most new houses are built on stilts.
And some aren't....for those who like to tempt fate!
Yesterday I saw Pelicans in real life for the first time. I can't wait to have some time on the shore of The Gulf to shoot some video and stills.

Last but not least, I'll have my own domain and migrate my blog off to another location. It will open up a LOT of possibilities for my musings and absurdities.

Ok..back to class for moi.

Until next time.....

Monday, July 9, 2012

Boy, Do I LOVE Waffles!!!!

I publish this in the interest of laying to rest fears I am malnourished and starving myself. When I have really skinny people telling me I look anorexic....and I kinda do.....I know I have to make some changes to my diet. Thus I present...... lunch at Waffle House this past Sunday.

And...the aftermath.....
 See...I can eat when I want to!!!

Frankly, I discovered when sitting on the stool at the Waffle House, that I have no ass left! I simply have some muscle and bone, and it hurt to sit there. My shoulders kinda stick out, and over all I have that sexy "Homeless Waif Guy" look so many find so appealing.

Where's that fashion week runway for me????

I need to eat more AND develop some program so it doesn't all end up on my belly and face again.

After that, got in The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders and drove for some 12 hours, landing in Mobile, Alabama.

Tougher town than I thought it would be.

I settle in to my room and start to write a post when....


At midnight, the servers for the motel experienced "Malware Monday". No net at all. Every hotel that showed up on the grid disappeared at the same time.

I get the shakes just remembering that.

This morning, I did take a brief swim in the pool, which was refreshing. Problem was, the only pair of shorts I can wear that don't fall off of me are now soaked. I didn't go in the water early enough for them to be dry for the final leg of my travels. So, had to wear another pair that are too big, and needed to be "taken in" using a paper clip.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. One interesting thing....

The van suddenly felt like it was young again! It was riding and running really smoothly and a joy to drive. If the A.C. had been working, it would have been like the old days!

Good times.

I patted the dashboard and said "good girl"!

Drove West on Rt. 10 for a while and then.....
TADA!!!! Destination reached!

Finally...after years or trying to get this state in particular..I finally arrived.

The way to the home I am staying at, took me through the "shore" area of Biloxi and adjoining towns. I wound up on a road that flows along the shoreline of The Gulf Of Mexico and was pretty nice to view. It was tempered with the images I recall from Katrina blasting her way through here.

Thing is, where I am was Ground zero for her. New Orleans' didn't take a direct hit like this area did. That city's problems came from the failed levee. The house I am in is brand new, built in an area that formerly held apartments building, totally blown away.

I hope to do some exploring and picture taking in the coming days.

A trip to The Big Easy is certainly to be on tap, as well.

Here are two pictures showing this kind of sculpture I found in a couple of place here. If you look closely, you can see characters made in the limbs..

I guess it's a regional thing. I'll try to find out.

Tomorrow brings about Day One of school. I hope to learn much and accomplish even more.

I want to sincerely thank everyone who, over the years, have been in my corner. The good wishes, prayers, support...made this possible. I will post as often as possible and keep you all apprised on my progress, hoping I don't let you down.

Many of you had faith in me when I didn't have any in myself. My dignity and self worth had hopped on board the last train to Esteemville.

One last thing.....

What kept running through my head since yesterday,  over and over and over, was "The Serenity Prayer". I was given a plaque when I was 10 by a guy by the name of Charles Barker, who ran the hospital where my father was recovering from a massive stroke. Hospital rules wouldn't permit me to visit him, so I decided I would make my own rules, just for me, and this began a game of cat and mouse between me and a security guard.

I was spunky! Charles liked my spunkiness. He shooed the guard off and personally took me to see my dad. He paid for my mother and to have Thanksgiving dinner at the hospital with dad. And when I was admitted for some test years later, he covered the cost of my T.V. and phone.

He liked me.

So he gives me this plaque when dad is finally discharged. Through the years, I would pull it out if the drawer I kept it in and read it...trying to fully fathom it's meaning for me.

While going 70 M.P.H. it finally kicked in.

May God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change
The courage to change the things I can
And the wisdom to know the difference

It hit all at once and it was like a cloud was lifted off of me.

I hope I got this one right.

Until next time.....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Well, Nashville Would Be Nice To Visit...

....this time of year. But only because I screwed up directions!!!

EDITED TO ADD 07/08/12: It struck me that, in the photo of prior post, it looks like one of those..."we should have seen this coming...." pictures in the news of some mass murderer taken before lives were lost. Ouch!

Seems coming off of Rt. 81, I shoulda taken a couple more exits, which I neglected to do. So now I am in Crossville, Tn and more than a few miles off course.


Emailed my friend in Ms. , he said to make a left at Nashville, and that should be that!

I am maybe another 12 - 15 hours from my destination, so I decided to take a day off from driving. Thing is, The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders has no A.C. , and temps around here are reaching into the 100's! Combine that with the shroud over the engine in the driver's section is not tightly fastened, I get LOTS-0-HEAT inside, specifically on my right leg.

It gets exhausting. I needed the break.

I've been calculating my fuel usage and it hovers around 15 MPG, which considering the vehicle is 22 years old and a 5.7 liter, 8 Cylinder engine, that's pretty good!

In Va. I was able to buy gas at $2.86 a gallon, but here it is back up around $3.09. I also found out that Tn.'s Sale Tax percentage is 9.5%. WOW!!!! And food is taxed here.

I think I like Va. a bit better.

Got some gas this morning after getting coffee at the busiest McDonald's I have ever seen! You'd think they were giving food away.

SIDETRACK: Trying to navigate the parking lot required a sexton and a compass! A GPS would have a stroke making the attempt! Seems Tn. has some "unique" parking lot designs.

While waiting for the pump to be free, a very nice lady saw the "Restoring Love" message on the side of my van and came over to say hello. If I recall correctly, her name was Barbara, but as you all know I am awful with names.

She expressed regret not being able to go to Dallas this month due to an ailing pet, but wanted me to hug and kiss Glenn should I meet him.

I might get away with a hug. The kiss, not so much.

When I introduced myself, she recalled hearing me on the show and wished me well.

All in all, was a pretty nice encounter.

The gas station was in a Walmart here, and owned by Murphy Oil. That company has done a LOT to help a fellow by name of Mark Hovath  do some great work with the homeless. It was Mark's video of me (seen HERE) and resulting TwitStorm that got Glenn's notice to begin with. Thus, I was more than happy to patronize that gas pump!

Once the sun goes down a bit, I am going to do some stuff in the van and after settle in for the evening.

Tomorrow's another day.

Here's a picture I shot on The 4th Of July that I intended to use in a posting the day I left N.J. Frankly, I found myself pretty nervous taking the step in the van, knowing I was making one the biggest changes to my life, ever. I all but froze before entering.

I really have no idea what's in front of me. As I have stated, it's thrive or die. I refuse to tread water at this time in my life. So after I shot this picture.... kind of spoke to me. Who knows what's around the bend as I enter the final phases of my life.

We'll see now, won't we?

Until next time......

Thursday, July 5, 2012

FINALLY On The Road!!!

Edited To Add:

Here's yours truly looking all happy and stuff!
 Actually, I was feeling pretty good at that moment. What you see is me looking at the cell wondering of it did what I wanted it to.

I'll smile longer next time.

Did about 7 hours all told on the road yesterday. Stopped twice for gas. Regards that product, here I am seeing prices as low as $2.86 a gallon. Given that New Jersey is supposed to have the lowest gas taxes in the country, AND hosts refineries within it's borders, makes me wonder why prices stay as high as they do there.

The states I covered yesterday are: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and now in Virginia.

I wanted to get to Roanoke before I settled in for the night, but due to the ongoing power outages from last week's "Land Hurricane" the rooms around there are all booked. Frankly, I am lucky I got a room at all. Minor complaints are:

A. No "Smoking Allowed" rooms available.(Thanks loads, tobacco Nazi's!)
B. Nice HiDef T.V.'s in the room, but:
   1. Not a single HiDef channel to be found.
   2. They are all set up wrong, so people look "squished"

BTW...thank you the two Virginia's. I LOVE the 70 M.P.H.!

Currently riding Route 81 South, and will be for quite some time.

SIDETRACK: Money saving Tip! When you cross from Pa. to Md. on Rt. 81, you are in that state for maybe 20 miles. Here's the thing....

Maryland has a nice piece of what one might call "Income Property" on that stretch, in that, there is ONE section where the speed limit drops, and they love to snag Out-Of-State motorists for what is probably a nice sized fine.

Just sayin'

Anyhow, currently staying in a motel, courtesy of The "K" Family, who are also sponsoring in large part my foray into America. Mississippi is the next goal....expect to get there Sunday or Monday. The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders is holding up nicely. No A.C. tho, so it's hot as hell inside.

I expect to get moving again around noon or so. Please continue to keep good thoughts and prayers for me, and if you see The Van...honk and wave.

Until next time....

(Original post is below)


In Waynesboro, Va. I had wanted to get to Roanoke, but all the motels are packed because of the ongoing power outages from last week. Will post some pics, soon.

Thanks ya'll for staying in there!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed....

....accept that resistance is futile.


Go blindly and hope for the best!

I saw a movie recently that illustrates the futility of fate and destiny. It's called "Another Earth" and after some 90 minutes of rambling around, get's to the point that nothing you do matters or will change things.

Uplifting message, no?

An endeavor I immersed myself into for some 13 years, only to end abruptly 3 years ago, has taken a twisted, pretty disturbing turn, with an aftermath so versatile it's come to bite me in the ass. I suppose I am running from that as much as anything else.

The thing is, what am I running to?

This Thursday, July 5th, come hell or high water I hit the road. If The Sovereign Conversion Van Of Wonders breaks down 5 miles up the road, I just get out and keep walking.

Things shape up as follows:

Right now, I have a definite destination in the State of Mississippi for a work and learning experience.

Late in the month, I'll be in Dallas for Glenn Beck's "Restoring Love" event, as his guest.

And that's it. Come August 1st, I have no idea. I'll be well away from New Jersey, living in my van and aimless, unless something comes together.

Thus, what are my options really?  Despite my best and earnest focus in many things, I use much effort for little, albeit zero, positive result. I continue to bang my head against the wall.

But I continue to have moments of hope  The Spirit seems willing, if only in a very naive way.

Once under way, at the first WiFi spot I happen upon, I'll stop and upload a picture of yours truly crossing into the next state, and leaving the personal hell that is the 3rd state of the nation for good.

Ultimate result? We'll see.....